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Green Aventurine Meditation Bracelet - Inspired & Optimistic

$ 30.00


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About This Gemstone

Aventurine:  Aventurine is considered the stone of opportunity. It's associated with prosperity, wealth, optimism, creativity, and enthusiasm for life. It can also be used to encourage openness to relationships.

About Meditation Bracelets

Each meditation bracelet is a miniature mala and is made with a sacred number of beads.  Use it to meditate by counting around it 4.5 times to reach the traditional 108 count or simply wear it as a reminder of your intention. 

Product Details

 Gemstone Bracelet with Sterling Silver Lotus Charm in Center

Authentic Precious Gemstone - Green Aventurine

Sterling Silver Lotus Charm & Spacer Beads

Handmade in Los Angeles

 Adjustable Size: 5.25 - 9.25 inches.  Check out our sizing video here!

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