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Quality Commitment

Quality is our most important commitment at Mala Revolution. 

Our products are not only made to be beautiful, they're made to be strong too.  The mala world is full of malas and bracelets that break after only a short time.  We wanted to be different.  For that reason, we set out to make malas and bracelets that would hold up to a lot of use.  We wanted products that you could wear (and meditate with!) all the time.   


We only use hand-selected real gemstones (or seeds) and sterling silver in our malas and bracelets.  No glass beads and no other metals, ever.  We also take great care to authenticate our stones to make sure you're getting the genuine stone from a reputable & socially responsible source. 


Our malas are carefully crafted by hand on steel.  This means they won't break on you no matter how much you use them!  Our unique design ensures that they stay flexible and soft to the touch so that they feel nice to wear and hold.  


Our bracelets are designed to be worn everywhere you go and to last for years.  Unlike most mala bracelets, ours are built on very strong string instead of stretchy cord.  Our special adjustable closure was thoughtfully designed to make sure it never comes apart.  This means you can wear them anywhere: in the shower, in the ocean, camping, in yoga, or on any adventure you can dream up.  In fact, we recommend never taking your bracelets off!  

The closure may feel tight at first, this prevents it from becoming loose over the life of the bracelet. 


Anyone who has ever made a tassel will tell you it's not easy!  Each tassel is custom-made at the end of the mala that it goes on.  Our tassel string is carefully chosen to feel silky and soft.  For each different gemstone, we hand-select a blend of colors to match and capture that stone perfectly.  

If your tassel gets a little mussed, we recommend spritzing it with a little water and gently smoothing or combing the fibers.  Check out our instagram for a video guide! 


Sometimes, things happen.  If your mala or bracelet breaks in the first year, just send us the beads and we'll fix it for you, free of charge.  We'll even put on a brand new tassel.