We recommend two methods of choosing the right gemstones for you:


Pay attention to your intuition and see which gemstones attract your attention, then see what that stone means!  Sometimes the universe is trying to communicate something for you to work on. 


We recommend this for anyone working on something specific.  Choose a gemstone that will encourage you to manifest what you are seeking. 


Amazonite - inner strengthAmazonite is a soothing stone believed to deepen your connection to your inner power. It is often used to overcome fears and negativity, boost self confidence, alleviate anxiousness and balance feminine and masculine energy.  See all Amazonite

Amethyst - healing energyAmethyst is seen as a powerful healing stone. It cultivates tranquility, strength, inspiration and a true sense of peace.  See all Amethyst

Aquamarine - serene & inspired - Aquamarine is a soothing stone used to clear the mind, enhance creativity, and encourage peace. It's associated with serenity, optimism, and inspiration. It is also a powerful meditation stone, helping to deepen a meditative state.  See all Aquamarine

Aventurine - inspired & optimistic - Aventurine is considered the stone of opportunity. It's associated with prosperity, wealth, optimism, creativity, and enthusiasm for life. It can also be used to encourage openness to relationships.  See all Aventurine

Blue Labradorite - serendipity & intuition - Labradorite is believed to strengthen intuition and imagination, helping to develop new ideas. It's said to bring the gift of serendipity and synchronicity and increase the chances of being in the right place at the right time. See all Labradorite

Blue Lace Agate - cool & confident - Blue Lace Agate is a pacifying stone known to bring about a feeling of serenity and level-headedness. It's believed to eliminate distress and replace it with tranquility. It is also used to inspire clear and thoughtful communication, and generous actions.  See all Blue Lace Agate

Carnelian - vivacious energyCarnelian is a fiery stone associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of personal power and self-worth. It is believed to encourage self confidence, personal strength, courage, motivation, and energy.  See all Carnelian

Citrine - joyful & abundant - Citrine is known as the happiness stone. It brings abundance, prosperity, joy, creativity, new ideas and a strong enthusiasm and passion for life. It is recommended for any who feel tired and drained, or those who need help forging a new path.  See all Citrine

Chrysocolla - soothed & balancedWith colors as deep and soothing as the ocean, Chrysocolla is known to calm the mind and ease emotional pain. It is used to purify and restore balance.  See all Chrysocolla

Crazy Lace Agate - cool & confident - Crazy Lace Agate is believed to cleanse the mind and balance the body, bringing everything into harmony. It's also used to absorb negativity, strengthen analytical capabilities, and heighten concentration. Its warm protective energy is also known to boost self confidence and security.  See all Crazy Lace Agate

Dalmation Jasper - positivity & awarenessDalmation Jasper is a playful stone. It is thought to encourage a positive attitude while helping us confront things we have outgrown.  See all Dalmation Jasper

Howlite - calm & patientHowlite is a calming stone and is often used to relive stress. It teaches patience and could help with trouble sleeping due to an overactive mind.  See all Howlite

Iolite - seeker - Sometimes called a water sapphire, Iolite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and is considered a good stone for those on an artistic or spiritual journey. Iolite is believed to open the mind, unlock creativity, enhance curiosity, and reveal lost or hidden parts of the self. It is also said to aid in shamanic journeying.  See all Iolite

Garnet - creative energy - Garnet is believed to help creative energy flourish. It is also used to extract negative energy from chakras.  See all Garnet

Jade - peacful & prosperous - Jade has a rich history and was traditionally used to attract love and money. It's often called the dream stone, and is believed to imbue wisdom, love, and courage. It's known to encourage clear reasoning, reduce negativity, provide a peaceful energy, and balance emotions. It is also good for manifesting ambitious intentions and goals.  See all Jade

Lapis Lazuli - inner truth - Lapis Lazuli is a very personal stone associated with insight, truth and enlightenment. It's believed to promote self awareness, clarity of mind, and the ability to see one's deepest truth. It is also used as a tool for opening the Third Eye Chakra.  See all Lapis Lazuli

Malachite - cleanse & release - Malachite is a very powerful cleansing stone. It's used to unearth and cleanse old traumas, and to help release negative emotions. It's known to expand the mind and encourage the development of new paradigms. It can also be used to protect against the negativity of others.  See all Malachite

Moonstone - intuition & magic - Moonstone is a beautifully iridescent stone associated with the crown chakra, and is known for strengthening intuition and insight. Like the beautiful moon, moonstone embodies an element of mystery and magic, and is thought of as a lucky stone.  See all moonstone

Ocean Jasper - inner harmony - Ocean Jasper is a unique stone found only in a remote location off the coast of Madagascar. It is a calming stone associated with positivity, peacefulness, patience and feelings of love and understanding toward the self and others. It can also be used to bring all chakras into harmony.  See all Ocean Jasper

Onyx - strong & focused - Onyx is a stone of inner strength and power. It's known to amplify strength, focus, confidence and courage. It can also be used to absorb negative energy in times of sadness, and is associated with new beginnings.  See all Onyx

Picture Jasper - grounded & creative - Picture Jasper is known to cultivate a grounding energy, encouraging a strong connection to the true self and the present moment. It is also believed to foster creativity and the ability to chart new paths in life.  See all Picture Jasper

Pearl - wise & gentle - Pearls are associated with both wisdom and innocence. They're believed to heighten clarity, integrity, focus, imagination, and intuition. They're also thought to bring a soft and healing energy, encouraging patience, understanding and unconditional love toward the self.  See all Pearl

Quartz Crystal - clarity & wisdom - Quartz Crystal is the stone of the crown chakra. It is associated with a clear mind, strong intuition, creativity and a deeper connection to the higher self. It is used to channel and amplify wisdom, clarity and insight.  See all Quartz Crystal

Rainbow Flourite - self actualized - Rainbow Flourite is a holistically soothing stone, great for bridging the rational mind with the emotional mind. It's believed to stabilize the mind, encourage objective thinking, foster self-love, reprogram negative thoughts, and release emotional traumas.  See all Rainbow Flourite

Red Jasper - stable & balanced - Red Jasper is a stone of stability and balance. A good stone for the Root Chakra, it's associated with feeling grounded, courageous, and capable.  See all Red Jasper

Rhodonite - love & healing - Rhodonite is a stone of deep and compassionate love toward the self and others.  It's often used to encourage unconditional self love while also healing emotional wounds and scars from the past.  It is believed to promote compassion, release fears, soothe heartache and open the heart to new and deeper love.

Rose Quartz - love - Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to open the heart to all forms of love. It is also used to heal emotional wounds, enhance creativity, and balance emotions.  See all Rose Quartz

Rudraksha - quiet mindRudraksha are sacred seeds believed to increase clarity, knowledge, inner peace, prosperity and abundance. They are used to quiet the mind, release negative thoughts, and calm the central nervous system. They are also known for their healing properties.  See all Rudraksha

Sandalwood - tranquil mind - Delicately fragrant and soft to the touch, Sandalwood has a rich history in mala construction. It's believed to promote a deep sense of peace and tranqulity. It can also be used to develop a positive mindset and encourage clear perception.  See all Sandalwood

Sesame Jasper - nurtured & whole - Sesame Jasper is a nurturing stone thought to lift the spirits and absorb negative energies. It can bring tranquility in times of stress and create a feeling of wholeness. It is also used to align all chakras, attuning the wearer to the pulse of life and love.  See all Sesame Jasper

Smoky Quartz - let go - Smoky Quartz is a powerfully restorative stone. It's known to absorb anxiousness, negativity, and fear, and to help lift sadness. It is often used in times of grief and struggle. It's also believed to encourage positive thoughts, aid in letting go of old wounds, and foster the ability to move forward with clarity.  See all Smoky Quartz

Snowflake Obsidian - protected & restored - Obsidian is known as a powerfully protective stone. It is often used to purify negative energies, emotions, and thoughts, and to identify unhealthy patterns. It is also believed to soothe pain and encourage stability and balance, especially after trauma.  See all Snowflake Obsidian

Sodalite - calm & confidant - Sodalite is a stone of dual energies, thought to provide both balance and boldness in facing everyday challenges. It is believed to help the wearer face truth and improve confident communication, and is associated with the Throat Chakra. It is also considered a lucky stone.  See all Sodalite

Tiger Eye - empowered - Tiger eye is a powerful stone of both courage and insight. It's associated with the ability to see and think clearly, focus the mind, and gather the personal strength to take action.  See all Tiger Eye

Tree Agate - balanced & connected - Tree Agate is believed to bring harmony and balance to the body, mind and spirit. It's also known for attuning the wearer to the world around and deepening a connection with the earth. It can also be used to increase clarity, concentration and inspiration.  See all Tree Agate

Turquoise - protected & connected - Turquoise was traditionally used as a protection stone. It's believed to dispel negative energy, heal heartache, develop inner strength and sharpen the ability to both see and speak the truth. It is also known to enhance open and truthful communication, helping establish healthy connections with others.  See all Turquoise

Unakite - gentle & hopeful - Unakite is said to be a gentle healer of both body and mind. It is believed to lift spirits, ease suffering from grief or sadness, clear blockage from the heart chakra, and help one see the beauty in life.  See all Unakite

 * Gemstones are not intended to treat or diagnose illnesses. Use is up to the wearer.