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The Revolution

The Mala Revolution is a revolution in the way we think about meditation and mindfulness!  It's a way to use the power of your brain and your habits to help you manifest the life and the you that you want. 
It's all about focusing your energy so that you can grow in the ways that will help you on your chosen journey.  Our minds are powerful, and science has shown that by observing ourselves and making conscious choices; we are actually able to change our brains.  In essence, you can consciously choose how you experience life, and thus can create the life you want.  
The Mala Revolution is for those of us who have trouble slowing down!  Meditation doesn't have to be sitting quietly on a pillow!  There are so many kinds of meditations; they're all just focused on getting your overthinking mind out of the way.  Mindfulness too comes in so many forms; the goal is just to be present in your life more and more.
Every piece of jewelry we make we make is made to inspire you.  Think of our pieces as symbols of the energy you want to focus on.  Use our pieces to grow your mindset, focus your energy, stay true to your goals and dreams, remind you of your strength in dark moments and always help you keep going and keep growing.  We want to inspire you to embody your truest and best self, inside and out.  
So join our tribe of dreamers, thinkers, explorers, doers, artists, adventurers, seekers, life-lovers, love-givers, flower-children, philosophers, and all those committed to living deeply, joyfully and with intention.  
The revolution needs you ❤️