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Are you looking for a creative way to help you reach your goals? Set yourself on the path of success and maybe make a friend along the way to hold yourself accountable!

From business to personal, this workshop will center on techniques and strategies to help you reach your goals. Break down a goal into manage steps so you can create a plan realistic to you.  Community members will have a chance to share their goal and give feedback to peers in a safe space.  

While discussing goals, you will also create your own beautiful bracelet that will serve as a reminder of the goals that you've set! 

We'll be designing our bracelets with semi-precious gemstones and silver or gold beads. I’ll give you design tips and insights as well as my strategies for beading as you create.  

You'll also create a miniature stackable ring with sterling silver, copper or gold-fill beads.  

Price is $50 per person, $45 each if you bring a friend :) 

Price includes:
Goal-Setting Workshop
Jewelry Lesson
Your own bracelet made with your choice of genuine semi-precious gemstones & silver or gold
Your own ring made with silver or gold beads
Lesson on gemstones and how to use them for goal and intention setting
Studio fee

Option to bring your own wine and any snacks you'd like to enjoy while you create. 

P.S. This will be a two part workshop and attending both is recommended! This way you will have a chance to check-in with those you met and be held accountable. In this class while you share you will have the chance to design your own necklace and ring as a reminder of your goals. The second class will focus on accountability and following up on the steps you set for yourself. In the second class we'll share how your journey has gone so far while you paint.

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